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Beginner's Guide to Bondage

What is the Definition of Bondage?

Bondage is the practice of restraining a person or being bound usually with a rope -- it is the state of being bound. While this dictionary definition may sound scary to some, others find this incredibly exciting.  Having a partner that one trusts, and being bound in elaborately tied ropes can be exhilarating.  There are levels to bondage as well, from something as simple as tying wrists to the bedposts to bondage so elaborate that it can take hours of tying little intricate knots and even suspending a willing partner in the air -- a style of bondage known as Shibari.   

Woman facing away with bondage rope around her torso.

Bondage is Trust and Communication

When someone is new to the Bondage lifestyle or trying to decide where to begin, the best place to start is open communication with your partner or partners.  One of the most important aspects of practicing Bondage is trust -- other than trust you have to be open to talk about all of your likes and dislikes.  It’s no wonder that including bondage into your bedroom life can bring you closer to the people you want to entrust to restrain you.  It has the potential to allow access to your deepest desires, as well as point out boundaries.  

 Two woman bound in ropes sitting back to back.

Speaking of Boundaries

Setting boundaries with your partner is important, but part of the reason people decide to practice bondage is to open up to new experiences -- which means one would have to free their mind of the definitions of boundaries held before bondage.  It is important to go into a new passion with an open mind, but it is crucial to make sure to have a clear and defined safe word so your partner knows when a boundary is met.  Having a safe word allows the option of pushing yourself to new limits while still maintaining control when a new boundary is met. While learning how to be restrained you get to see a whole new side of yourself.

The impressions left on the skin after removing the bondage rope.

Soft and luxurious Twisted Cotton Rope as a Restraint

Making sure you have the right product for bondage is a big step in beginning this new fiery private life.  There are tons of different kinds of ropes and knowing which one is right for you is an important step before learning to float from a hard point (the overhead point used to secure a suspension).  While some like the teeth on a manila rope to grate their skin, the super-soft and durable Twisted Cotton Rope in a variety of alluring colors has just enough give to provide comfort to everyone from a highly experienced person to first-time bondage bottom (referring to the person being tied).  The Twisted Cotton cordage is a great choice for the top (the participant who is tying the knots) too -- making it easy on their hands to keep you both tied up for hours. 

Red twisted cotton rope tied in beautiful bondage knots. 

Learning the Ropes

Sure, you could go with the easy method and get an uncomfortable pair of handcuffs, but there is a better more luxurious option that means so much more too. The power of learning the basic bondage knots will grow the bond between you and your sexual partner to unfathomable depths. The last step before you put your rope to good use is learning how to tie a couple of simple bondage knots.

Woman bound with her hands behind her back in bondage rope bonds.

The Square Knot

This super simple bond won't force you to break a sweat. Just remember these words, "right over left, then left over right." This beginner's bondage knot will have you looking like a pro in no time, and even if that isn't the case, if you need time to look at directions on your phone -- sweep a blindfold on your loved one and increase the anticipation while you check out an example online. This knot is a great option for the top and the bottom as well; the top won't be fumbling with a difficult knot, and the bottom will be physically restrained while still afforded free movement against a strong force.

Drawing of instructions for tying a square knot.

Bondage: Opening New Doors While Closing the Bedroom Door

The definition of the noun bondage may be that of restraint -- examples of words often associated with bondage are that of slave and slavery. But bondage is meant to encourage practitioners to explore, grow, learn, and enjoy the one or the ones that you love to play with.

 Woman with hands bound in front of her body with bondage rope.

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