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About Us

It is our goal at Knotty Desires to produce the highest quality bondage rope around.  For this reason, our rope meets the arduous standards set by the American Cordage Institute.  Our commitment to these standards is paramount in providing the strong and safe bondage rope that you and your partner deserve.  We are one of few rope manufacturers in the world that help set these elite standards – and we are extremely confident that our customers will be satisfied with what we offer to deliver a little bit of spice into every relationship that incorporates our products.  

Hands Tied With Burgundy Rope

Amazing rope starts with amazing soil. While 100% manufactured in the USA, we source our cotton from the best soil from around the world which gives us that trademark superiority, softness, durability and strength. Our yarns are sourced from up-cycled materials because we want our creations to be sustainable making them perfect for riggers, rope bunnies, and the planet – everyone wins.

Woman suspended in rope.

At Knotty Desires we bind ourselves to a strict policy of providing our customers with the safest rope to practice and play out all your bondage fantasies.  The variety of materials we offer provides the preferred tooth to carry out all your knottiest desires.  We are perfectionists when it comes to the excellence of our cordage so if we wouldn’t use it in our bedroom, we wouldn’t expect you to either.  The strenuous manufacturing process our ropes go through ensure it will assuage all of your private applications. 

Red Rope Binding a Torso.

Don’t forget!  We know that sometimes bondage requires a rope to be cut so, in a situation where a rope that is meant to please has to be cut to protect your lover, make sure to take advantage of our 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty that is available only when you come straight to the origination of the absolute best bondage rope. 

A couples hands on a bed.

We love rope so what better and more personal way to share it than to provide a little bit of fun for the bedroom?